Spring Hill Orchestra performing at Church at Station Hill this weekend

Spring Hill Orchestra performing at Church at Station Hill this weekend


The Spring Hill Orchestra will be performing this Saturday at the Church at Station Hill in Spring Hill from 10 – 11:30 a.m. in its first performance of the month.

Music performed at the concert will include pieces written by Mozart, Rossini, Delibes and Donizetti.

The Spring Hill Orchestra is a nonprofit organization started four years ago by Rebecca Vendemo, the orchestra’s conductor.

“When I moved to Spring Hill, I realized it was the perfect place to start it because there was no orchestra nearby,” Vendemo has previously said. “It just seemed like a good place, and that there was a big need for it.”

Performances have always been free of charge, and funding for venues and other expenditures is currently all from donations.

Being a nonprofit organization, the orchestra is always seeking volunteers, and is accommodating to both those with day jobs, and also those who may have not picked up an instrument for a while.

The orchestra plays upwards of ten concerts a year, as well as engaging with the community and with youth through educational outreach. Musicians come from all over Middle Tennessee and beyond; membership is not restricted to the Spring Hill area.

The Spring Hill Orchestra’s next performance will be at the UAW Hall on March 30. For more information on upcoming performances, visit the Spring Hill Orchestra website by clicking here.

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