Spring Hill residents express concern over traffic, growth and safety amidst continued Duplex Road construction

Spring Hill residents express concern over traffic, growth and safety amidst continued Duplex Road construction


Traffic and safety concerns are growing among some Spring Hill residents over the continued development of projects around Duplex Road, a state highway now under reconstruction because of heavy traffic volumes and poor sight lines.

Engineering consultant company Kimley-Horn recently proposed a rezoning of a 10.92 acre property for multi-family development on the southwest corner of Port Royal and Duplex Road. The proposal was denied by the Spring Hill Planning Commission on Monday.

The proposal was of great concern to some residents who live close to Duplex and Port Royal, who say that intersection is already dangerous and prone to accidents.

“There has got to be an accident there almost every day,” Spring Hill resident Carla Underwood said. “Now they’re wanting to put all this housing, and business in. It just seems like they’re ready to throw all these projects up, but they’re not really thinking. I travel Duplex and Port Royal daily, and it’s just awful. I just don’t feel like our infrastructure can handle all this. It can’t handle it now, how in the world is it going to handle it [in the future]?”

Alderman and member of the Planning Commission Matt Fitterer said he believed the primary reason for the rezoning proposal was “to allow the multi-family condominium use on the majority of the property.”

“The use and the zoning classifications are consistent with the general plan, however, given the recent approvals and number of multi-family units being built in the city comparatively, this is just not a good time,” Fitterer said. “So we are not supporting the rezone request as submitted.”

Despite the Planning Commission denying this particular proposal, they did approve the sketch plans for a proposed Arby’s restaurant on 5426 Main St. They also approved plans for a 9,840-square-foot office building on Station Hill Drive, a mixed-use subdivision with 174 units on 5081 Port Royal Road and 126 attached residential units at 5021 Main St.

Underwood also expressed concerns that continued traffic build-up could potentially hurt property values and privacy.

“Privacy is going to be sacrificed as well,” Underwood said. “The thing is, we are 15 minutes from Franklin, we are 17 minutes from Cool Springs Mall… Why do we need everything in this town that we can find 15 to 20 minutes away?”

The Planning Commission will hold their next meeting, a monthly work session, on June 25. It is open to the public.

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