Spring Hill to conduct ‘everyone counts’ special census

Spring Hill to conduct ‘everyone counts’ special census


The City of Spring Hill is conducting a special ‘everyone counts’ census to verify the latest population counts in the city.

According to a recent release, the city is urging residents to participate in the survey because it is “imperative” that the population be recorded accurately for revenue shares.

The latest population, recorded in 2015, was certified at 36,530 and is now estimated to be over 40,000.

“Based on building permits alone, it’s estimated that we have added roughly 3,600 new residents since the last census, which would put us at over 40,000 residents,” Finance Director Jim Smith said. “At approximately $123 per person, that amounts to an additional $442,000 per year in new State-shared revenues. If the census costs $150,000 – that’s the amount we have budgeted – we would still be ahead in the following fiscal year by $292,000, and we would collect the full additional $442,000 every year after that.”

According to the release, the extra revenue could be used for the police and fire departments, public works, roads, parks and library services.

The census, which is available online, only works if everyone participates, according to Assistant City Administrator Chuck Downham.

“We all must remember that getting a comprehensive and accurate count of our current residents helps all of us by creating new revenues needed to help expand our infrastructure and keep up with our city’s exponential growth,” Downham said. “Everyone literally counts. It only takes a minute.”

The city sent information regarding the census on Oct. 1 in city utility bills.

The Spring Hill Special Census can be completed at the Census Alert link at the top of the city’s website, springhilltn.org, or directly here.

The Spring Hill Public Library also has two laptops available for citizens to complete the Special Census Survey, as well as hard copy forms.

For questions about the Spring Hill Special Census, please email census@springhilltn.org.

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