Spring Hill to start paving several miles of roads this week

Spring Hill to start paving several miles of roads this week


The city of Spring Hill will start re-paving several miles of roads this week.

Crews will be re-paving Spring Hill Circle, Joann Drive and all the cul-de-sacs within that circle. Afterwards, the city plans to pave Churchill Drive and Buckner Lane between Port Royal Road and Monoco Drive.

Spring Hill’s communications director Jamie Page said that the city chooses which streets to pave each year by following a simple formula. That formula considers the time since a road was last paved and the number of drivers using the road. City staff also check on the conditions of the roads and give them a grade. Roads that haven’t been paved in a while and roads with lots of traffic typically get maintained first.

“You might have a street that is heavily driven and just gets worn out faster,” Page said. “Basically, it just comes down to the condition that it’s in.”

The city is also finishing up a maintenance project on Buckner Lane and Thompson’s Station Road. Spring Hill installed a new traffic light at the intersection, but it’s programming the signal to blink yellow for one week so drivers can get used to it.

“When people are used to driving to work or to their neighborhood every single day, you get used to passing through an intersection and not thinking about it,” Page said.

By allowing the light to blink for a few days, the city is hoping drivers will take notice now and stop there once the light turns red.

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