Prospective City Hall location isn’t part of Spring Hill, Planning Commission hopes to include it soon

Prospective City Hall location isn’t part of Spring Hill, Planning Commission hopes to include it soon


Spring Hill hopes to move many of the city’s services from the current City Hall to the Northfield building a few miles to the south, but that building still isn’t actually part of the city.

Monday evening, the Spring Hill Planning Commission recommended incorporating the property into the city, as well as some of the roads around it.

The Northfield building property is very close the Spring Hill city limits, but is separated from the rest of the city by Main Street. Incorporating the property into the city without also including the roads around it would make Northfield an island of sorts. It would have no physical connection to the rest of the city.

Planning Director Steve Footes said adding a piece of land that is adjacent to the city is easier than adding an island. So, the planning commission recommended including some of the roads around the property as well.

The Spring Hill Board of Mayor and Alderman will still need to vote on the matter before the building becomes a part of the city. Due to lack of controversy, the planning commission did not discuss the plan at its meeting Monday night. The commission often votes on a list of agreeable items all at once to move the meeting forward.  This issue was included in the list of agreeable items.

If the city adds the building, it will have to provide services like water and sewer. The sewer line is already connected to Spring Hill’s wastewater treatment system, but the water comes from Columbia.

One of the services that will move to the new building is the public library. The city is getting ready to renovate the building to accommodate the library, but is looking for residents’ input before beginning. Spring Hill will host a public meeting in City Hall next Monday at 6:30 p.m. to find out what residents want to see in the new library.

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