STUDENT OF THE WEEK: Summit High School

STUDENT OF THE WEEK: Summit High School

Deanna Riley


Deanna Riley, daughter of David and Charee Riley, is a senior at Summit High School and this week’s student of the week.

Riley is a member of the Summit marching band, National Honors Society, Key Club, Spanish Club, National Spanish Honors Society and a tutor at Chapman’s Retreat.

She is also a volunteer at The Well Food Pantry and the Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital.

She has been awarded several awards for her accomplishments in Calculus, Biology and History. She was also named student of the month at school and is an AP Scholar with distinction.

Her favorite class is math.

She said, “I find it very engaging and interactive. Derivatives has probably been the most fun topic that I have studied because it’s a process that just keeps building on itself.” She added, “Because of my love for math, I am also engaged by problem solving.”

One of her biggest inspirations and role models is her mother, Charee. She said, “She always raised me to do my very best and taught me that so long as I am doing my personal best, I am succeeding in anything that comes my way.”

As far as the future is concerned, she said she is considering Mercer University, Vanderbilt University and Clemson University. She would like to attend engineering school through Vanderbilt to eventually become a pediatric neuroscientist.

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