Summerlyn taking shape in Nolensville

Summerlyn taking shape in Nolensville


Nolensville is getting a new neighborhood adjacent to the planned Williamson County Schools campuses that will include 250 home lots available in multiple sizes.

Nolensville is getting a new neighborhood adjacent to the planned Williamson County Schools campuses that will include 250 home lots available in multiple sizes.

Located on 151-acres near the intersection of Nolensville Pike and York Road, Summerlyn is being built by The Jones Company, a Nashville-based homebuilder, in partnership with Drees Homes following a year and a half long process of securing the land for development from former Williamson County Commissioner Tom Moon for $11 million.

Jones Company’s director of sales, Jennifer Lucy, said Summerlyn is one project she and the company are most excited in seeing take shape over the next few months, and it is something the ever-growing Nolensville community needs.

“It’s been a while and a lot of different companies looked at it,” Lucy said. “We were obviously really interested in it because it’s going to be so good. We’re going to split it, and Drees is going to have some of the larger homes and we’re going to have the two smaller series of homes, which will be really neat.”

Construction is slated to start in the next few weeks and homes are expected to be finished and ready by spring of 2015. Those interested will have to wait to secure lots, but can sign up and become a VIP at or by contacting Jones Company’s Online Sales Counselor Jennifer Wyndham at

“We’ve done that on several communities in the past and they get basically a head start, usually about a two-week head start on coming in, picking lots, getting the first look at floor plans and that kind of stuff. They’ll get all of those first-time choices for signing up,” Lucy said. “It’s been unreal how many people have inquired about it and are already on the VIP list, so it’s amazing.”

Those that sign up will get updates on neighborhood news including lot sizes and home designs, and will be the first notified when those become available, which will most likely be in January.

One of the biggest draws is the location in proximity to the new Williamson County Schools facility currently being built, which will consist of Nolensville High, Mill Creek Middle and Mill Creek Elementary. The plan is to not only have a place close to the area’s schools, but to also build a pedestrian bridge offering the convenience of walking to and from them with ease.

“There will be sidewalks. The concept is really that it’s walkable to the schools, that all of that will be connected,” Lucy said. “And then, eventually, there will be a connection to the greenway that’s there. Obviously, Williamson County Schools are a great draw and the fact that these are brand new schools and you can literally walk there and walk back is going to be huge.”

Amenities at Summerlyn will include a clubhouse with pool and cabana located in the front of the neighborhood, lots of open space and approximately one mile of walking trails.

Prices will start around $290,000 and range from 1,800 to 4,000 square feet. Lot sizes start at 11,000 square feet.

Jones Company believes Summerlyn will be a big hit for the community and for those looking to buy new, rather than previously owned homes or those on the market, mainly due to the success that new construction continues to achieve in Williamson County.

“I think, as far as pricing, the big thing about new is that the price isn’t that much different than buying an existing home; it’s unbelievable. People can just get something for usually just a smidge higher and they’ll get a brand spanking new home,” Lucy says. “Now, they have to wait for it, typically for a few months, but when you run those numbers it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to go buy something that’s existing.”

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