ATHLETE OF THE WEEK: Summit High School

ATHLETE OF THE WEEK: Summit High School

Mia Apple


Freshman Mia Apple, daughter of Keith and Betty Apple, is a member of the Summit High School softball team.

Apple has been a devoted fan and player of softball since she started playing in elementary school.

“I began playing softball when I was five and since then I’ve just always had a passion and love for the game,” she said.

Now a freshman who plays centerfield on the Summit softball team, Apple has not lost her love for her chosen sport or the excitement it brings.

One special highlight from this season was the school’s defeat of Dickson County’s softball team.

It was “the first time ever Summit softball has beat Dickson County High School,” Apple said. The team went on to beat Dickson a second time a couple of weeks later.

It’s not just on-field victories that keep Apple involved with the game. She describes herself as “self-motivated” and plays with a spirit of gratitude that is indicative of her faith. “As an athlete, I am thankful for the opportunities I have to play the game I love, so I play for God,” she says.

Apple also credits her parents for the role they play in helping her pursue her passions. She said, “They have always supported me and encouraged me to follow my dream.”

Looking forward, Apple still has several years of high school left. Beyond that, she is sure that she wants to keep playing softball even though her specific area of study is unknown at this time.

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