Thompson’s Station resident’s new gym mobile app sees huge success after launch

Thompson’s Station resident’s new gym mobile app sees huge success after launch


AirGym, an Airbnb-style app except for renting home gyms, has just reached 6,000 downloads after launching on July 1.

The app was created by Chris Daskam, a resident of Thompson’s Station, after using a friend’s home gym in the Canterbury subdivision.

PHOTO: Thompson’s Station resident Chris Daskam, the creator of AirGym.

“Pre-launch, we had about 127 people who had signed up via the web site,” Daskam said in a statement. “It was about half owners and half members with a few trainers in there. My hope was at launch to double what we had before the launch and get to 300 pretty quickly. We got to damn near 6,000 downloads within the first couple of weeks.”

The primary function of the app is allowing home gym owners to share their fitness space with anyone looking to get a good workout. The app also allows for users to connect with personal trainers in their area.

Data has shown the app to be most popular in metropolitan cities, such as Nashville, Dallas and New York City.

“As a home gym owner, you can set your space up in the app and control what you want to
charge per hour, what equipment you have and set the schedule you would like to keep,” Daskam said in a statement. “We verify all profiles to make sure they are complete, and they will then be added to a Google maps feature within the app so anyone can see what AirGyms are near them.”

Daskam has big plans for the app in the future, and is already looking into hiring key positions for his company to manage the app, as well as securing investors.

“Bringing in investors will allow me to focus on AirGym full time and hire a CTO to take over the
app and the web sites and go 2.0 with both of those,” Daskam said.

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