Thompson’s Station to hold final public input meeting on Major Thoroughfare Plan Tuesday

Thompson’s Station to hold final public input meeting on Major Thoroughfare Plan Tuesday

PHOTO: Thompson’s Station residents provide feedback on the town’s Major Thoroughfare Plan during the public meeting in April. / Photo courtesy of the town of Thompson’s Station


The town of Thompson’s Station will soon be holding its second and final public meeting on its Major Thoroughfare Plan.

At 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday at the Thompson’s Station Community Center, the community will have an opportunity to provide feedback on the plan’s draft before it’s finalized. The Thompson’s Station Community Center is located at 1555 Thompson’s Station Road West.

The Major Thoroughfare Plan is essentially a design document for the town, setting goals and guidelines on how to further improve the town’s transportation system. And with portions of Spring Hill and Thompson’s Station being found to be the single fastest growing area in the state, improvements to transportation in the area would certainly be welcomed.

During the meeting, attendees will be presented with a first draft of the new plan, which was created in part by community feedback during the first public meeting on April 16. Community input included things such as specific problem spots, like the intersection of U.S. 31 and Thompson’s Station Road East, community priorities, such as whether to focus on improving existing roads or to build new ones, and potential alternative measures, like implementing more sidewalks or bike paths.

After being presented with the first draft of the plan, guests will have the opportunity to provide feedback. This information will eventually be used to create a final draft of the plan, which the Board of Mayor and Aldermen will either approve or deny in July.

For more information on the town’s Major Thoroughfare Plan, including feedback categories applicable during the meeting, click here.

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