Turnout strong on the first day of early voting

Turnout strong on the first day of early voting


The turnout was strong for the first day of early voting in Williamson County. More than 800 people voted on Friday.

There are only two locations open for early voting in the county—the Election Commission’s office in Franklin and the Brentwood Library. At the library 340 people voted, while 505 people voted at the office in Franklin.

Kreiss White plays the banjo with some Democratic supporters at the Brentwood Library. / Photo by Matt Blois

After adding in votes from absentee ballots and nursing homes, there were 911 people voted Friday. That’s a big jump from the primary in 2014—the most comparable recent election—when 526 people cast ballots in person on the first day of early voting.

Many of the candidates and their supporters showed up to the polling locations to build some enthusiasm for the election. Democratic County Commission Candidate Kreis White played a banjo under a tree while he hung around with supporters of other Democratic candidates.

Jeff Ford at the Brentwood Library. / Photo by Matt Blois

Jeff Ford, who is hoping to represent District 61 in the State House, set up a canopy to block the sun. Some of his signs were so large they kept blowing away in the wind.

Supporters for Gino Bulso and Brandon Ogles, also in the race for District 61, sat in lawn chairs in front of the library, talking to voters and waving signs.

Republicans made up the vast majority of voters. The Williamson County Commission reports that 606 people voted in the Republican primary while 297 voted in the Democratic primary. Eight people voted only in the general election.

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