Two Farms’ first step in planning process in the works

Two Farms’ first step in planning process in the works

The proposed 2,000-acre Two Farms at Thompson’s Station development project is nearing the next stage of the planning process, with the developers preparing to submit their initial concept plan for the project.

Tiger Woods tours the Eagle’s Rest Farm property along with Michael Abbott, president of Beacon Land Development, and Bryon Bell, president of Tiger Woods Design. // Photos submitted by Two Farms.

The proposed 2,000-acre Two Farms at Thompson’s Station development project is nearing the next stage in the process, with the developers preparing to submit their initial concept plan for the project.

Town staff have been working with project planners to refine the developer’s overall vision and align the plan with the Town of Thompson’s Station’s Land Development Ordinance. The mixed-use community and Tiger Woods-designed golf course on a property that stretches from Coleman Road in the north to state Route 840 in the south was first proposed last fall.

According to Dan Ford, vice president of land planning for the Two Farms project’s planning firm, Beau Welling Design, their meetings with local officials have involved scrutinizing every aspect of the project to make sure it is in total compliance with the town’s ordinance.

Because the project is in the early, conceptual stages of the planning process, exact figures and details like home counts and lot sizes have not yet been nailed down, Ford said.

“Nothing is exact at this point,” he said. “It gets back to the technical studies that we have underway. We are analyzing the site and seeing how our vision needs to respond to the analysis of that site, but we’re still waiting on a lot of our experts to formally delineate some of the constraints of those natural resources. So once those become defined, then that’s what we’ll react to.”

Ford said the approval of the rezoning of the Two Farms property represented a commitment by the developer to the town’s ordinance and to an overall vision of the project.

Now, the project team is working to refine the plan into something more concrete. One major step in that process involves the traffic, biological, geotechnical and archaeological studies that have been launched to identify the constraints of the 2,000-acre site of the project.

According to Town Planner Wendy Deats, there are a number of constraints the developer will have to design around. Some of the topographical constraints already known include creeks and streams on the site, as well as a gas line and transmission lines, Deats said.

“Not only do they have a piece of land that has to meet our Land Development Ordinance, but they’ve got to work within quite a few constraints on the property,” she said. “We’ll work with them until they’ve understood everything and they think they have a good handle on what our code is dictating so they can go to the drawing board with the next version of this concept plan so that it meets the code.

“Remember, the concept plan does not grant any approvals. It’s just the next step in the process. The process is quite lengthy actually, despite popular opinion.”

Following annexation and the rezoning of the 2,000-acre property, the developers are now working to submit their concept plan for review.

Since last fall when Two Farms at Thompson’s Station was first proposed, the developer has received approval of two rezonings.

A decision in January saw the 1,200 acres of the property north of West Harpeth Road and south of Coleman Road rezoned into Transect Community, a type of zoning designation allowing for the mixed-use community and Tiger Woods-designed golf course the developers are planning.

In May, the Thompson’s Station Board of Mayor and Alderman voted final approval for the rezoning of the remaining second phase of the project, rezoning the entire 2,000-acre project.

“Once they get that concept plan through us and everything is looking like it lines up with our ordinance,” Deats said of when developers will start preparing preliminary plats for the project. “And once all of the studies have come in – archaeology, biology, traffic, geotechnical, so it’s basically all those natural resources in addition to traffic – once those come in and we’ve reviewed the concept plan process, then they’re going to be able to prepare their preliminary plats.”

Preliminary plats would be the Two Farms project’s very first planning approvals, according to Deats.

“And then after preliminary plat, they’ll be able to work through that construction plan process,” she said. “And once they get their infrastructure underway, then they’ll be able to final plat and then they’ll finally be able to sell their lots. It’s quite a long process.”

At present, the Two Farms developer has not yet confirmed when the concept plan will be submitted.

“It is really in the developer’s court, because they have a team working on it and they will either work quickly or slowly,” Deats said. “As staff we’re not going to put timelines on them. If they are working quickly to get the concept plan turned around and all the technical studies in, we will review it in a timely manner, of course. Concept plans do not get any approvals, but with the concept plan I’ll receive the technical studies.

“So the technical studies – like the traffic study will be routed out to RPM, who is the town’s traffic consultant. So we’ve got third party review that has to take place all while this process is going on. I’ll send it up to the county for review, send it to RPM for review. I will review it, our town engineer will review it, our consulting traffic engineer will review it and we’ll be sending it up to the county for review and comment as well. So there’s plenty of sets of eyes that are looking at this document to make sure it addresses all of the issues that you can foresee.”

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