Vincent Fuqua: Candidate Profile

Vincent Fuqua: Candidate Profile


Vincent Fuqua faces Doug Holtz for the position of Ward 4 Alderman in the upcoming Spring Hill municipal election. Brandon McCulloch has been occupying the seat as a temporary appointee since April 2013.

Fuqua was born in Nashville, and has lived in Spring Hill for over two decades. After high school graduation, he spent his college years as a volunteer firefighter for the city. Today, he and his wife, Sarah, own Southbound Erosion, an environmental services company.

Fuqua rejects the classification of “politician.”

“I am a business owner and family man, not a politician,” he said. “I want to work for our community to make this city a great place to live, work, and play. If you’re looking for the candidate that will work tirelessly through the issues this city faces please consider me for your alderman of Ward 4.”

Spring Hill Home Page spoke with Fuqua about his vision for Spring Hill moving forward.

Spring Hill continues to increase rapidly in population. Going forward, what is needed to properly balance infrastructure needs with development and population growth?

“We need to tighten the screws on growth. The city does not need to stop growth. [However], we need to slow it to a manageable rate that allows the city to keep pace. We need to look at infrastructure at every turn and make decisions based on the impact. The city has a developing plan for the first time in its history and it will be utilized to have some control. Also, new zoning is being developed that will give the city more leverage moving forward and more [of a] right to say no. If need be, impact fees need to be evaluated frequently and addressed to ensure the citizens developers are paying their fair share.”

Beyond traffic and development, what will you do to improve the quality of life in Spring Hill?

“The city has a beautiful Greenway Plan. As the city grows and the vision comes to life, everyone will have sidewalks, bike trails, or a park close to where they live. I would like to work with parks and recreation and other board members in the future placement of parks and ball fields.”

Spring Hill often gets designated as a “bedroom community,” a place where residents may live and sleep, but they ultimately commute to other cities where they also purchase commodities. What do you think is needed for Spring Hill to transcend that designation?

“Spring Hill now has a well-equipped economic development team in place that is diligently working to bring new businesses to Spring Hill. It is only a matter of time before Spring Hill sees a heavy increase in office buildings bringing new white-collar jobs to the city. Franklin and Cool Springs do not offer much room for growth, but Spring Hill has a lot to offer businesses looking to relocate. We’re open for more business. Specifically, we’re open for office space. We have areas designated in the Spring Hill Rising plan and the desire to bring these needed jobs here [that] keep our citizens home.”

Tell me about your professional background and how will it translate to your public service as an Alderman.

“I am an entrepreneur and have been for most of my life. My wife and I currently own Southbound Erosion, an environmental services company. We help site developers with environmental issues focused in erosion control. As a business owner, you learn how to work through issues and find viable solutions for problems as they arise. As a business owner, you are everyone from CEO to janitor. I have no problem digging into issues with budget, finance and reviewing tough site plans.”

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