WHAT’S UP WITH THAT? Spring Hill Police install light bars on vehicles

WHAT’S UP WITH THAT? Spring Hill Police install light bars on vehicles


A What’s Up With That? questioner wanted to know why Spring Hill Police Cars do not have light bars on top of their vehicles.

Lieutenant Justin Whitwell, spokesman for the Spring Hill Police Department, said that all new police cars will have light bars installed.

In years past, Spring Hill’s police cars have had no lights on top of their vehicles. “It was just a preference at the time,” Whitwell said.

Whitwell acknowledged that not having light bars installed helps make the vehicles more covert for traffic patrolling. The city must also incur the cost for each new vehicle with light bars.

When the patrol cars come to the department, the city has to hire contractors to outfit them with light bars, sirens and radios, Whitwell said.

Department officials did not respond by Wednesday on the cost of the fit, how many total cars the police department has, and how many cars have been fitted with the light bars.

A low-profile tinted light bar was atop a patrol car leaving the police department on Wednesday. Officials said that even though it is low profile, it is actually significantly brighter than the standard light bars.

The department has no plans to retrofit current cars, according to Whitwell.

“That would cost thousands and thousands of dollars,” he said.

Instead, new cars will be outfitted throughout the year as older cars are phased out.

So, why the change now?

“We just wanted to change it up,” he said.

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