Williamson County candidates still working hard to raise money as election day draws near

Williamson County candidates still working hard to raise money as election day draws near


Candidates hoping to represent Williamson County in the Tennessee General Assembly were still hard at work raising money in the months leading up to the general election on November 6.

Sam Whitson, a Republican currently representing House District 65, raised the more money than any other local candidate in the third quarter. He raised about $26,000 for his campaign between the end of July and the end of September.

The Democratic candidate Toby Shaffer’s campaign finance report wasn’t available. Shaffer is running against Whitson. His campaign only had $135 on September 10, according to a previous report.

Republican Glen Casada, the incumbent representative in House District 63, raised more than $22,000 between August 1 and September 9. On September 12, Canada announced that he would run for Speaker of the House.

He received campaign contributions from the National Rifle Association’s political action committee, a political action committee supporting natural resource development, as well as several committees advocating for the healthcare industry. In the second quarter, Casada raised $11,500.

Bill Peach, the Democrat hoping to replace Casada, didn’t raise any money during the third quarter. His campaign only had about $300 in the bank on October 10.

Brandon Ogles, the Republican candidate for House District 61, raised $8,950 between August 22 and September 27.  That’s more than double the amount he raised in May and June. He raised $8,600 in final weeks leading up to the August 2 primary.

Earlier this year, Ogles loaned his campaign $210,000, and still had more than $50,000 in the bank after the primary election. In the primary, he defeated lawyer Gino Bulso who also loaned his campaign hundreds of thousands of dollars.

His Democratic opponent Rebecca Purington raised more than $16,000 between July 26 and September 30, almost double the total raised by Ogles. However, Purington’s campaign started off the quarter with about $11,400 in the bank, trailing Ogles by nearly $40,000.

Purington raised about $9,000 in May and June, and an additional $5,000 in the final weeks before the primary. 

In August and September, Purington loaned her campaign more than $50,000. The campaign still had about $46,000 on October 10. Ogles’ campaign account was down to about $9,000.

Republican State Senator Jack Johnson, representing District 23, reported raising about $9,400 in the third quarter. Kristen Grimm, the Democratic candidate for Senate District 23, raised about $4,200.

Candidate Seat Party Contributions in Q3 Contributions in Q2 Balance on Oct 10
Sam Whitson House 65 R $26,496.00 $21,000.00 $135,031.00
Toby Shaffer House 65 D $0.00
Glen Casada House 63 R $20,650.00 $11,500.00 $350,441.00
Bill Peach House 63 D $0.00 $1,400.00 $322.00
Brandon Ogles House 61 R $8,950.00 $3,025.00 $8,848.00
Rebecca Purington House 61 D $16,025.00 $9,425.00 $46,459.00
Jack Johnson Senate 23 R $9,439.00 $2,355.00 $155,823.00
Kristen Grimm Senate 23 D $4,278.00 $8,199.00


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