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Forty-one Girls Scouts from Williamson County have been honored with Outstanding Leadership Awards from the Girls Scours of Middle Tennessee organization.

Forty-one Girls Scouts from Williamson County have been honored with Outstanding Leadership Awards from the Girls Scours of Middle Tennessee organization.

They were among 275 Girl Scouts honored at Lipscomb University, where GSA alumna Sarah Lankford was the featured speaker.

Earning these awards is truly a remarkable achievement, said Sheila Majors, training manager at Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee. These young women exemplify leadership in all its forms.

Twenty in Williamson County received theGirl Scout Gold Award the highest achievement in Girl Scouting. It recognizes girls in grades 9-12 who demonstrate extraordinary leadership through sustainable and measurable take action projects.

TheGirl Scout Silver Awardis the highest award a Girl Scout Cadette (grades 6-8) can earn. Seventeen local Girl Scouts earned this award, which symbolizes a Girl Scout Cadettes accomplishments in Girl Scouting and community activities as she matures and works to better her life and the lives of others.

Four Williamson County Girl Scouts earned theStellar Seller Awardby selling 1,000 or more packages of Girl Scout Cookies and/or $1,000 or more in the Fall Product Program, which includes magazines, nuts and candy.

Additionally, Girl Scout Volunteer Cathey Carrington received honors.

Gold Award recipients:

Troop 1735:Abby Feenstra

Project name:Golden Lacrosse Camp – Abby helped younger children learn the rules and major skills needed to play lacrosse. She worked with kids in grades 3-8 during a two-day summer camp program. She designed, as well as taught the children about a sport she enjoys. She emphasized healthy living and the importance of being active.

Troop 2545:Annie Hare

Project name:Project Blanket – Annies project addressed the warmth and security that homeless men need during the cold winter. She made over 50 blankets that were given to the men as they left the Room at the Inn.

Troop 2885:Abby Vorhaus

Project name:Pillars of Positive Solutions for Families Training Video – Abby created a video that trained parents of children with social-emotional behavior. Her project will impact parents statewide and will help children grow in a stable nurturing environment.

Troop 1935:Becca Holloran

Project name:New Resident Care Packages – Becca chose to improve the lives of some elderly residents at a local care center. She made the healthcare center more lively and attractive by decorating the bulletin boards, creating activities for the residents and making care packages for new residents. Becca also spent time interacting with the residents.

Troop 2545:Calli Coggins

Project name:Health and the Homeless – Calli saw a need to help with the lack of personal hygiene among the many men and women who are homeless in the Middle Tennessee area. She provided personal hygiene information and necessary supplies to help these people.

Troop 1893:Claire Easterling

Project name:Dog Park Benches – Claire saw a need to build benches for the disabled to sit on during visits to the dog park. She built three different benches and positioned them around the dog park area. Claire also had a plaque designed to give information about adopting pets.

Troop 1281:Haley Hunter

Project name:Craft Cart – Haley wanted the kids at Ronald McDonald House to have something to do during their stay. She created, designed and delivered craft kits, so they could have something to enjoy during their stay and to help take their minds off of why they were there.

Troop 1735:Hannah Frutiger

Project name:Thrills and Drills – Hannah wanted to help kids improve their soccer skills, so she started a soccer club at her local elementary school. Hannah planned a program of practices and drills and also taught kids the importance of regular exercise and healthy living.

Troop 417:Holly Folks

Project name:Dance Program – Holly hosted dance classes for children who live in low income areas. She wanted to boost the self-esteem and self-confidence of these children through dance. Holly provided costumes and shoes for the childrens final dance production.

Troop 1770:Laura Catherine Feamster

Project name:TLC – Laura Catherine saw a need to update the physical state of the outside of the Leipers Fork Community Center. She renovated a classroom, put in a stepping stone path from the parking lot to the building, constructed a new flower bed and revitalized another.

Troop 2885:Lauren Levy

Project name:Summer Youth Leaders – Lauren saw that many teens need help in becoming better leaders while also making a difference in their community. Lauren established a program called Summer Youth Leaders that will encourage teens to take on various projects in the Nashville area. She worked with Hands on Nashville to develop and implement this program.

Troop 2365:Madison Jones

Project name:Animal Awareness – Madison worked with the Williamson County Animal Shelter to enhance their volunteer program with children in the local school. She went into schools and talked to kids about the needs of animals in shelters and what we can do to help them.

Troop 2365:Pamela McMillan

Project name:Made with Love: Food and Fitness – Pamela wanted to help children change their eating habits and become more active. She worked with kids at a local housing facility to help combat the rise of childhood obesity through games and activities.

Troop 1935:Rachel Hawn

Project name:Cottonwood Commons Fitness Trail – Rachel addressed the need of making a local community fitness trail more accessible. She cleaned up the trail and made it user friendly for people of all ages to enjoy.

Troop 1735:Rachel Spelman

Project name:Healthy Nutrition Menu – Rachel addressed the issue of making healthy eating choices in a local nursing home. The problem was that residents did not know what was in the food they were eating. Rachel created an easy to understand menu with photos and nutritional facts, so residents could make health conscience decisions about their meals.

Troop 2697:Rachel Boatwright

Project name:Pets Perch – Rachel recognized the lack of comfort for animals in local shelters. She worked diligently to enhance the lives of local shelter pets by making cat perches, covered beds and toys for dogs and cats. Rachel also left instructions so others could continue to enhance the lives of shelter animals.

Troop 2885:Rebecca Esworthy

Project name:Happy Paws for Happy Tales – Understanding the need for the public to become more knowledgeable about declawing cats, Rebecca designed and made an educational brochure and 100 cat scratchers for the local shelters to give away with adopted cats.

Troop 2365:Sheona Gozmao

Project name:Accessorizing Love the Dress – Sheona not only wanted to provide girls with accessories and items they needed for prom, but also give girls information about inner beauty. Sheona has a passion for those in need and thought this was a fabulous way to reach girls her age who needed to focus on their inner beauty before heading to prom.

Troop 2701:Sophia Saliby

Project name:History Walk at the Park at Harlinsdale Farms – Sophias love of history prompted her to improve the information about the Park at Harlinsdale Farms. She made signs to be posted with historical information, a brochure and updated the website.

Troop 2395:Suzanna Richter

Project name:Crafts for Teens at Vanderbilt Childrens Hospital – Suzanna realized that not many age appropriate activities are provided to the teens at Vanderbilt Childrens Hospital. She designed, created and donated over 320 craft kits plus general supplies for teens to use.

Silver Award recipients:

Troop 1889:Aimee Dunphy, Natalie Tyler and Katie Vincler

Project name:Operation Lunchbox – Natalie, Aimee and Katie made what they called fuel bags for local middle school kids. They wanted to help the kids they go to school with have nutritious lunches over the weekends.

Troop 1360:Sarah Witcher

Project name:Superfriends – Sarah worked with the special education teachers to create a learning and enrichment program in the Learning Lab for the first period of the day. She selected this project because there was no morning program for student involvement in the Learning Lab.

Troop 1360:Wendy Keiser, Briana ONeil and Ashley Page

Project name:Stretch Classes for the Elderly – Ashley, Briana and Wendy saw a need to help the elderly. Local church members were asking for stretching classes to help the elderly in gentle physical fitness exercise. The girls saw and met this community need.

Troop 2609:Emily Armstrong

Project name:Ronald McDonald House Library – Emily established a library for the Ronald McDonald House. She decorated the library space, built bookshelves and stocked them with books for all ages. She also lead two story times and book themed activities for the children staying at the house.

Troop 2609:Sydney Daigle and Erin Neilson

Project name:Kindle and Nook Help Session – The girls worked together to develop a presentation, help cards and sessions about e-readers for senior citizens. Erin and Sydney found in talking with the seniors that they needed help with current technology.

Troop 2833:Rachel Hill, Kendra Lawlor, Kaitlin Pisani, Elaine Wright

Project name:Dog Walking Trail Benches – Elaine, Kaitlin, Rachel and Kendra built benches for the dog walking trail at the Williamson County Animal Shelter. Now when staff and volunteers are out walking the dogs on the winding trail they have a place to rest and enjoy being out with the dogs.

Troop 1131:Emily Allegra

Project name:Be Healthy and Cheer Camp – Emily worked with younger kids to teach them about cheerleading, what is involved and how it is good exercise. She led cheers, dances, crafts and healthy eating activities. Emily worked to create a fun learning environment.

Troop 1099:Kari Meko, Sydney Nelson

Project name:Dog Park Bench – Kari and Sydney built a bench to improve seating at a local dog park. They chose this project because both girls love animals and saw a need to improve an area for dogs and their owners.

Stellar Sellers:

Lindsey Miller, troop 1474 – $1,016 in Fall Product

Sarah Kate Miller, troop 510 – $1,110 in Fall Product

Niija Davis, troop 28 1,000 packages of Girl Scout Cookies

Sarah Vanderhoof, troop 2398 1,016 packages of Girl Scout Cookies

Adult award recipients:

Presidents Award:This award recognizes the efforts of a service delivery team or committee whose exemplary service in support of delivering the Girl Scout Leadership Experience surpassed team goals and resulted in significant, measurable impact toward reaching the councils overall goals. In Williamson County this award was awarded to Service Unit 176, Cathey Carrington.

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