Williamson has higher absenteeism, but no reason to close schools

Williamson has higher absenteeism, but no reason to close schools

As schools have closed around the mid-state for the flu, Williamson County Schools haven’t seen the rate of illness as severely in the district.

According to WCS Communications Director Carol Birdsong, if a school has more than 10 percent absenteeism they notify the district.

“To my knowledge, we haven’t heard from anybody,” she said. “But we know that illness is out there.” 

The flu has been the most reoccurring reason for shutting down some Tennessee school systems. According to the Centers for Disease Control, the state has endured regionally activity in relation to the influenza virus. Tennessee is reporting 2.1 percent higher than the CDC’s baseline rate for cases.

At least 40 of 95 Tennessee counties have had at least one confirmed influenza‐positive result in recent weeks. Maps from the Tennessee Department of Health shows Williamson has experienced the strain of H3 influenza.

For parents uncertain whether they should send their students to school or not, here’s the district’s recommendations for the flu.

Child should not be at school or in contact with other children with these flu symptoms:

– Fever/temperature above 100
– sore throat
– cough
–runny nose
– congestion
– body aches
– extreme tiredness
– vomiting
– diarrhea

If child feels well enough, he/she may attend school:

After fever free (less than 100.5 F oral temperature) for 24 hours without having been given fever reducing medication or release from physician if diagnosed with any type of flu.

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