Winners of 2019 Spring Hill Mayor’s Challenge celebrated by city leaders

Winners of 2019 Spring Hill Mayor’s Challenge celebrated by city leaders

PHOTO: City leaders honor Spring Hill resident Scott Witt for winning the 2019 Mayor’s Cup Biggest Winner award during Monday night’s meeting at City Hall. / Photo courtesy of the city of Spring Hill


The 2019 Spring Hill Mayor’s Challenge, a community fitness challenge that measured multiple metrics of physical fitness over a three-month period, saw its winners honored Monday night towards the beginning of the city’s meeting of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen.

PHOTO: Witt receives his prize of $300 for winning the 2019 Mayor’s Cup Biggest Winner award. / Photo courtesy of the city of Spring Hill

Starting on January 7 and ending on April 12, the fitness challenge saw participants – individuals, groups and businesses – all strive to see the greatest improvements in physical fitness. Improvements measured were things like flexibility, muscle density and balance, and were measured by Maury Regional professionals through a partnership with the Spring Hill Parks and Recreation Department.

The top award – the 2019 Mayor’s Cup Biggest Winner – was awarded to Spring Hill’s own Scott Witt. In addition to winning a plaque, Witt was awarded $300. Sonja Rine with Spring Hill Parks and Recreation said Witt’s numbers were “off the charts,” and that he had “increased his flexibility and his balance by an astronomical amount.”

“I’d been wanting to lose some weight, I’d been wanting to get in better shape,” Witt said after receiving his award. “I had some challenges through it, I took a couple of vacations down to Cabo, Mexico, and you do not lose weight in Cabo. The way I chose to do this is I went on the Keto diet; I didn’t do a lot of exercise, I did try to increase it a little bit, but overall I just watched my carbs and tried to stay to a program as much as I could. What I’m most proud of is since the day that we quit recording, I have managed to stay exactly where I’m at. I’m trying to go lower, but I guess I plateaued for a while, but I’m still in Keto, and it’s something that’s easier for me to grip on a farm – and meat and cheese is pretty easy for me.”

Winners in other categories are as follows:

Small Business: Team Sue Jeffers

Medium Business: Team PowerUp Nutrition

Large Business: Team Spring City, Tennessee

Female 20 – 55: Joannie Summers

Male 20 – 55: David Casper

Female 56+: Pat Konig Bruhn

Male 55+: Scott Witt

Now in its third year and with 159 participants, the 2019 Spring Hill Mayor’s Challenge seemed to do a lot in the part of burning calories and improving overall fitness for city residents.

The challenge saw its beginnings after in 2017, Spring Hill was honored by then-Governor Bill Haslam with the “Healthier Tennessee Community” designation. Of the 346 incorporated cities in Tennessee, Spring Hill became one of only 46 to earn the “Healthier Tennessee Community” designation, which takes a grassroots approach to improving Tennesseans’ health by engaging citizens and local leaders to establish wellness councils and develop sustainable community-wide events and activities that support physical activity, healthy eating and tobacco abstinence.

Along with these things, the City of Spring Hill has made other efforts to encourage a healthy, active population by hosting an annual Spring Hill Health & Wellness Fair, partnering with nonprofits like the Late Bloomers to help make a community garden possible, and Mayor Graham’s launch in 2017 of the first Mayor’s Challenge, which has continued as an annual event as a way to maintain this special state designation.

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